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Powering the Future - Mapping a Low-carbon Path to 2050

ptf_headerParsons Brinckerhoff has issued a major report on the critical steps necessary to meet the UK’s 2050 carbon reduction targets. The full report and all relevant information are available on the website. Read More »

Tree PC to Win Top Prize?

tree pc

Laura Caulwell, a UK-based designer, won the Dyson Ireland Design Award by creating a “living” PC invention called ‘Cultivate — the Sustainable Living Computer’. The invention will be battling against 14 other top country winner for the grand prize of EUR6,270 in the James Dyson International Design Award.

This unique design resembles a tree, with the ‘trunk’ housing the motherboard, while 10 “branches” hold the RAM, battery, central processor, power supply, storage, two speakers, expansion cards, an ambient light and a mouse. Any of these branches or components can be “plucked” from the tree and sent back to the supplier for an upgrade, re-manufacture or recycling.

Silver aluminum “leaves” act as external heat-sinks to cool down each of the components and are attachable, bendable and curled however the user chooses.


500 Story Eco-Skyscraper to be Built in London


There is another plan to make a super-high tech skyscraper, this time in London. To be built by the UK company, Popularchitecture, the eco-friendly building would be home to about 100,000 people in a skyscraper reaching up to 500 stories. It would not only enclose people but schools, hospitals and stores. The unique design to be featured in East London, also includes somewhat scary open spaces or “holes” displaying the green public spaces. What a way to live!