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World Of Green Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary by Providing Clean Water for India

188013_301243048610_307038_nGreen Lifestyles - World of Green is looking to get 1,000 donations between now and Earth Day to create a new water well in India which will provide clean water to families in need. They've partnered with Millions from One and are asking people to do a little moreIt is World of Green’s one year anniversary and they want to celebrate by providing clean water to the millions that don’t have it. Today’s water crisis is not an issue of scarcity, but of access. More people in the world own cell phones than have access to a toilet. And as cities and slums across the world grow at increasing rates, the situation worsens leaving millions of people without water and with a reduced quality of life which often leads to deaths. Read More »

D.LIGHT Receives UNFCCC Approval for Ground-Breaking Carbon Offset Project

Green Infrastructure - D.LIGHT RECEIVES United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) APPROVAL FOR GROUND-BREAKING CARBON OFFSET PROJECT


Approval Marks One of the First Times Portable Solar Lanterns Will Generate Carbon Credits

New Delhi, India - D.light Design today announced that it has received approval from the UNFCCC for a ground-breaking carbon offset project in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in India. The project, which innovatively tracks the reduction in carbon emissions that result from D.light solar lamps replacing kerosene lanterns, is the first of its kind to receive UNFCCC approval. The decision by the UN body, the only organization with a global mandate to evaluate the effectiveness of emission control systems, acknowledges the extent to which portable solar lighting products can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

Kerosene and other fuel-based sources of lighting are one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the developing world. It is estimated that a single kerosene lantern may emit as much as 1 ton of carbon dioxide over the course of five years; each year, kerosene lamps are responsible for over 100 tons of CO2 emissions into the

“D.light’s solar lanterns vastly improve the lives of our individual customers, but they also benefit the global environment,” said D.light CEO Sam Goldman. “Every D.light solar lantern purchased means that less kerosene oil is being burned and fewer carbon emissions are polluting the atmosphere. D.light is proud to be a leader in providing quality products for off-grid families and in doing our part to combat global warming.”

UNFCCC approval is only given to applicants who meet a set of strict requirements, including definitively proving that the project contributes to carbon reductions and
developing a scientifically reliable monitoring and tracking system. A majority of previous solar projects approved by the UNFCCC have primarily consisted of solar farms or other fixed, large-scale solar PV (photovoltaic) systems, which makes tracking carbon offsets fairly simple.

In contrast, D.light solar lanterns are individually utilized by hundreds of thousands of different households who regularly transport the lanterns between the home, workplace and field. As part of meeting UNFCCC requirements, D.light is pioneering an innovative monitoring and tracking system that will change the way carbon offsets are measured. The streamlined monitoring process will allow D.light to scale the project quickly across diverse distribution channels and geographic regions.

True to its social mission, D.light considers the carbon offset project as a creative strategy to make its solar-powered lanterns more affordable and accessible for customers around the world. All revenue from the resulting carbon credits will directly support D.light’s efforts to scale and meet the global need for solar-powered lighting for families who are currently relying on dim and polluting kerosene lanterns.

This impact should grow exponentially in the coming years. Even as implementation in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar begins, D.light is already taking steps to expand the project to other countries across multiple continents in the near future.

About D.light Design

D.light Design is an international consumer products company providing high quality solutions for people without access to reliable electricity. Our mission is to enable
households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. We will begin by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light. By 2020, we aim to have improved the lives of 100 million individuals.

D.light was recently awarded the Social Venture Network’s 2009 Innovation Award, and named as one of the world’s top 100 clean technology enterprises by the CleanTech Group. It has also been featured in Fortune Magazine, Time Magazine, BusinessWeek, and the New York Times. It is financed by prestigious venture capital firms including Nexus Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Garage Technology Ventures, the Mahindra Group; with investment from leading social enterprise funds Acumen Fund and Gray Matters Capital. To learn more, please visit their site.

How Green Is Your Shirt?


Tell a green-thinking person you want to buy clothes and have them shipped from halfway around the world, and they won’t be happy.  This item makes that seem a little less crazy, though.  The shirt is made in India, so if an American were to  purchase one, it has to be shipped from India to the United States, which clearly is not the greenest way to do shopping. Read More »