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bewaterwise_bannerThe Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is creating awareness on water conservation in Southern California. They offer tips that aren’t just for California. Check out their site.

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The Nature Conservancy Launched National Online Competition to Name Underwater Robot

nature-conservThe Nature Conservancy launched a national online competition to help name its new remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This September, the Conservancy will launch the first controlled study of its kind on the West Coast, using the ROV to assess the impact of trawl fishing off California’s Central Coast. Read More »

Summer bummer: The air we breathe may be damaging our lungs


A traffic jam. By smith, via Flickr.

Summer is ozone season in places like Michigan.

When it gets hot, state agencies will sometimes issue ozone warnings. They advise people to avoid the outdoors, where chemicals from car exhaust and other combustion sources can mix in the air and create ground level ozone.

This isn’t the good type of ozone that protects the Earth. It’s the bad type that can burn the insides of your lungs, and shorten your life.

But at least there are standards, and warnings to protect us, right? Read More »