More than Publix’s Logo is Green


Photovoltaic system at Publix corporate office in Lakeland, Florida.

I enjoy spotlighting companies that take steps to be more environmentally friendly. By using the company’s services or buying their products, you support their green practices. Supermarkets are no exception. Since not all of us live near a natural foods store, I thought I’d investigate my local supermarket: Publix. Read More »

Green Is the Way to Stay In Florida

greenlodginglogo1Looking for a great escape from the chilly dregs of winter, or planning a beachfest when the kids are out of school?

If you head for Florida, you’ll have sun, sand and eco-friendly lodging.  And, you don’t have to sleep in a hammock or bathe in a nearby creek to be a green traveler, thanks to Florida’s Green Lodging program. Read More »

Be A Rain Catcher

rain-catcherMy mother was a rain catcher. During the wet summer months, she always had a rain barrel under the trough made where two slopes of the roof met. She captured the downpour to water the house plants and vegetable garden. My sisters and I loved to wash our hair with the rainwater because it gave it a softness not matched even by today’s hair conditioners. Read More »