Green news and events from the State of Georgia.

Green Clothes: More than Organic Cotton

Baby clothes at a large consignment sale, Kidsignments

Baby clothes at Kidsignments, a large consignment sale in Georgia

Parents of young children can save money and help the environment by shopping at consignment sales and stores. Twice a year in northeast Georgia consignment sales abound, selling cheap barely-used children’s clothes. This shouldn’t be surprising, since children, especially babies, grow so fast they may use an outfit only once. Read More »

Mountain Top Removal - A Crime Against More Than Nature

100_1605“Every time you turn on a light switch, BOOM, you’re blowing up someone’s back yard.” I was introduced to Ed Wiley, the extraordinary man just quoted, by Kathy Mattea backstage at the Mountain Aid Benefit Concert. She came out to Shakori Hills on her fiftieth birthday to help Ed raise money for his granddaughter and all the children of Marsh Fork Elementary School who are victims of mountain top removal coal mining. Just three hundred feet behind this school, there is a 1,849 acre mountain top removal sight with an unstable slate dam holding 2.8 billion gallons of toxic waste from the coal cleaning process. The community’s water supply is already contaminated, and the children of Marsh Fork Elementary have been going home sick on a regular basis for months. Read More »

Organic Welfare


With the help of the Wholesome Wave Foundation, Georgia Organics has started the Double Value Coupon Program, which gives poorer members of the community greater access and more incentive to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Read More »