Green news and events from the State of Idaho

Planting New & Old Seeds

imagesHeirloom seeds are kept over generations; they do not have expiration dates or limitations per se.

“The programs of Organic Seed Alliance serve the needs of today with a vision for tomorrow by promoting the value  of seed and seed saving skills, prevent the erosion of this resource, and expand the benefits and abundance inherent in every single seed.” excerpt from Organic Seed Alliance. Read More »

Gabrielle’s Garden

I pulled out my garden binder early this year because I know I have a lot of work to do before Spring.  Keep a plant list of all your beds.  I have divided mine into zones simply to keep the list manageable. After my first two years at this home, I realized through the wisdom of several seasoned Master Gardeners, my grandparents and others, that I was more of a “collector” type gardener and that I am not concerned about color schemes or repeating landscape techniques.

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Early Garden Planning

As spring approaches and the seed catalogs start falling through the mail slot, I grow anxious for winter to end. Although southwest Idaho has become zone 6b, we still cannot plant until the 2nd week in May. Therefore I have 3 long months ahead for planning, dreaming and more planning.

After owning and operating a landscape maintenance service for nearly 7 years we decided to make a career change that enabled us to plan our own yard and gardens. We moved into our dream home seven years ago and much of the landscape and house had been minimally maintained for nearly a decade. What seemed like wise esthetic landscape choices 25 years ago had become over-grown and crowded. We decided to double our vegetable garden, thus two trees were removed, more needed trimmed and strategies to keep our dogs from running everywhere were formulated.

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