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Confessions of a Water Conservationist

Several years ago I was asked to write an article about water conservation for our local newspaper. At the time I was immersed in the ideals of making everything in my landscape “responsible”. This effort took several growing seasons and required much patience. Something I am not known for. In an earlier article I had professed my sheer inability to wait. I used a quote my mom has said to me many times, “You know all those gardens you love, yours will look like that in thirty years, too.” THIRTY YEARS, who is she talking to? I can hardly wait for the lettuces to sprout in early spring. But, low-and-behold I have been here for 8 growing seasons and the yard is fantastic. On to my confession… Read More »

Consider Water Conservation

The words water conservation can be an ominous mouthful to the backyard gardener, but with a few simple suggestions and ideas, you can save water, save money and in one small part, save the environment.

When our thermometers climb next summer, so will our water usage, but we can do many small actions to impact how we save water and use it wisely. Only 2% of the earth’s water is drinkable, usable water, therefore it is imperative that our practices respect this fact.

When I began to look for areas where my own water was slipping needlessly down the drain, it was easy to come up with ways to capture it and use it elsewhere. The staggering part was how much I had been letting go. I started in my landscape for places that were inefficient. Sprinkler heads were changed and pointed in the correct direction or changed to smaller zones with drip lines. This gave me satisfaction as the flowers and vegetable thrived under the water routine.

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