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A Top Company For HVAC In New Jersey Offers Advice On How To Keep Your HVAC System In Tiptop Shape

Prevent the malfunction or breakdown of your home’s HVAC system with these helpful tips from The Entech Group Inc. The Entech Group Inc, a leading HVAC company in New Jersey, can help you evaluate options to improve the health and comfort of your home.

In the middle of a heat wave or a blistery blizzard are just about the worse times for your HVAC system to fail.  Homeowners in New Jersey can prevent these heating and cooling disasters by going over this simple check list from The Entech Group.

Their heating and cooling specialists in New Jersey offer the following recommendations:

1.     If your heat pump or your AC is more than 10 years old, it is most likely enormously inefficient and not heating or cooling your house as good as it should.

2.     Think about replacing your furnace or boiler if it is more than 15 years old.

3.     If your equipment needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are getting higher, your system needs a thorough check up or even a replacement.

4.     If your system turns on and off frequently you may not have the right size system for your home. This can lead to increased indoor humidity levels and less comfort.

5.     Check for consistency in all rooms.  If some are too hot or too cold, you need to check up on your duct work or insulation.

Save On Heating And Cooling Your Home

HVAC New JerseyUsing out of date equipment can lead to higher bills and reduced comfort in the home.  While replacing or upgrading equipment can be costly, the money you save in the long-run will be worth the investment.  The Entech Group Inc in NJ says that homeowners spend an average of 44% of their utility bills on heating and cooling costs.  Therefore, homeowners that switch to energy efficient technologies can see dramatic savings on their bill.

The Entech Group Inc has helped many NJ homeowners heat and cool their homes more efficiently.  The company provides complete removal of aboveground and underground storage tanks as well as installation of natural gas heating systems.  In areas where natural gas is not available, The Entech Group Inc, a company providing HVAC services in New Jersey, can replace out of date oil heating equipment with newer, more efficient units.

For efficient heating and cooling in New Jersey, The Entech Group Inc provides complete HVAC services for residential and commercial customers.

For more information on Entech’s HVAC services, visit them online at

Cost of Environmental Services in NJ Could Be Funded In Part By Sandy Aid

It’s crucial to take care of the destruction from Hurricane Sandy as quickly as possible, since this damage could lead to potential health threats. Possible damage to homes and businesses that could be a result of the storm include contaminated floodwaters, exposure to mold and/or structural damage.

Four months after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, an emergency relief package has been announced. New Jersey will receive a portion of the $51 million dollar relief package to aid residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged. This package will also help business owners who suffered heavy losses from the storm.

Luckily, some of the Sandy relief package could be used to fund necessary environmental services for property owners.  This would be ideal for property owners who are dealing with vapors from contaminated floodwaters, leaking oil tanks, contact with petroleum products, and more.

An environmental services company in NJ, like The Entech Group Inc., can provide preliminary environmental assessments to determine if areas of a home or business are a potential cause of concern.  The company can conduct air sampling for mold spores, soil and ground water sampling for vapor intrusion, structural support surveys and more.

Environmental Services Company in NJ Provides Recommendations

asbestos-mold-and-leadThe Entech Group Inc., recommends a thorough site investigation for property owners since mold, oil/floodwater contamination and structural damage may pose health and safety concerns. Property owners will feel comfortable knowing certified engineers, environmental scientists, OSHA certified and trained construction personnel and knowledgeable technicians comprise the Entech team.

They are a full service provider of environmental services in NJ offering turn-key, single source professional services including site remediation, investigation, litigation, property redevelopment, construction management and more. Please visit or call 866-709-5332 for more information about all of the important services offered.

Redeveloping Brownfields for City Expansion


When most people see a Brownfield, they see a worn down, polluted piece of property that is nothing more than an eyesore.  When an environmental services company sees a Brownfield, they see busy stores, shops and restaurants and an opportunity to expand a city’s property.

Environmental services companies can help cities take advantage of underutilized or abandoned brownfields with property assessments, site remediation and impact studies. Brownfields are typically viewed as complicated or impossible to remediate.  But, with the right environmental services company behind the project, an abandoned brownfield could be transformed into a bustling shopping center. This can bring economic development to cities as well as bring many jobs to the local community.

Besides being a public eye sore, brownfields may also pose environmental risks due to the possible presence of hazardous pollutants. Many brownfields run the risk for having contaminated underground soil due to an oil tank discharge.  Still, savvy property developers know that revitalizing abandoned brownfields can not only help protect the environment, but also create an expansion of jobs and economic development.

When property investors are considering redeveloping abandoned property, an environmental services company can perform a comprehensive property assessment to determine what, if any, environmental hazards are present.

Property assessments for the redevelopment of brownfields may include some of the following:

  • Surveys, site and building plans
  • Environmental assessments and hazardous materials documentation
  • Site remediation
  • Preparation and submission of all permitting documents
  • Traffic studies and environmental impact statements
  • Fiscal impact studies
  • Planning Board presentations
  • Full service construction and construction management
  • Grant and loan facilitation

In the event that a brownfield has tested positive for site contamination, certain environmental services such as removal of underground storage tanks and site remediation, can bring the property back to life. Because the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) now requires a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to oversee and approve remediation work, property owners are advised to work with an environmental services company that staffs one.

Importance of Environmental Services

Environmental due diligence is a critical component of any property transaction where potential environmental risks are a concern.  Commercial property buyers can minimize risks and protect themselves from liability by having an environmental services company perform an environmental due diligence assessment of the property before becoming the legal owner of any real estate site.

With the help of an environmental services company, abandoned brownfields can flourish as golf communities, recycling facilities and revitalized communities.

About The Entech Group Inc

Whether it is a Brownfields redevelopment project, underground oil tank removal, material recovery facility design, or solar energy system design & installation, The Entech Group, Inc brings our New Jersey clients experienced engineering, environmental, and renewable energy services, as well as hands-on, knowledgeable construction management. We deliver project solutions that are realistic, fairly priced, and keep our clients’ best interests in mind.

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