Green news and events from the State of Oklahoma.

Eco-Friendly Restaraunt in Historic Deep Deuce

sage1Sage is located in Deep Deuce, the historic jazz district of Oklahoma City. They are focused on organic and natural foods, eco-friendly packaging, and the freshest ingredients.

One of their most popular dishes is their take on the classic mac and cheese. They offer several different kinds including blue cheese and garlic, greek ‘n cheese, and beef and cheddar. If you don’t like mac and cheese don’t worry their are a lot of other great options ranging from all kinds of salads, to sandwiches and burgers. Also check out their “salt bar” featuring nine different salts to choose from including fleur de sel and bali smoked. Read More »

Litter Kills

okczooAn alligator died at the Oklahoma City zoo last month. What they found as the cause of death is disturbing, litter. There were seven plastic bottles blocking his stomach. The alligator was unable to digest his food and ended up with an infection. Read More »

Tar Creek- The Film

tarcreek1As of the summer of 2009 a few small towns in north eastern Oklahoma became ghost towns. This area is known as Tar Creek. About 80% of the land is the land that was given to the Quapaw tribe after the federal government moved them from their original land.

In the 1870’s Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) illegitimately sold Quapaw land to mining companies after lead and zinc was found in the area.

After the mines were closed in the 1970’s, the mines filled with water which led to the metal laden water getting in to ground water and near by water ways. Also huge piles of waste from the mines, called chat piles, were left. These piles contain large amounts of lead and other toxic metals that blow around in the wind and contaminate the communities around them. Read More »