Road Trip Recycling

Recently, I had to take a road trip and it got me thinking about how much harder it is to be green outside of our normal surroundings. When you are out on the road, away from everything familiar, and there are no recycling facilities, what are your options? You can either throw everything away, or carry it all with you to dispose of later.

If, like me, your car’s main purpose on the trip is to transport as many of your worldly possessions as will fit, then you aren’t going to have much room for a bag of recyclables. It isn’t a great choice. In the end, I compromised and just held onto the worst offenders. I saved the plastics for recycling later and let all the rest go.

Thankfully, once I arrived, I found out there was a nearby place for paper recycling. I hadn’t been to Austin in a while, so it was nice to learn that the recycling programs have finally improved in the suburbs. This news meant that I could go through some of my belongings while I was there, without worrying over not being able to recycle what I tossed out.

It is a theme that keeps recurring in my life, especially in my quest to be greener – when neither choice is the best, just do the best you can.

Austin - The Green City

austin1Texas is one of the most polluting states, but Austin is trying to change that. The city of Austin is hard at work trying to become a green city.

Austin passed the “Austin Climate Protection Plan” in February 2007. The plan features five main components. This includes a municipal plan that would work to make all city buildings, operations, and vehicles carbon-neutral by 2020. Read More »

White Is the New Green


A white roof that will reflect nasty infrared back into space

If you are considering making a positive green change to your home, consider the idea being promoted by Energy Secretary, and Nobel Prize winner, Steven Chu. According to Secretary Chu – and environmental researchers – turning all our roofs and roadways white would have the same effect as if we were to stop driving cars for a decade.

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