Ecocide in El Caura

caura3-250x187The region known as El Caura, located in south Venezuelan jungle, holds 17% of all floral species in the entire country, and it’s also the home of 32% of national fauna diversity. In addition, seven indigenous groups live in the 5 million acre reserve. This area is officially protected by the government since it contains the oldest ecosystem on the planet: Tepuy (you may have seen it in the Disney movie “Up”). It also holds one of the most important water and forest reserves in the world. Read More »

Quit smoking - It Can Save Your Life and the Environment


It is well known that Tobacco is not good for your health, but few realize the impact it has on the environment.

Cigarette stubs are a major cause of human waste and since they take at least 2 years to decompose, they contaminate the environment for long periods of time. Read More »

Ecologic Summer Camps


This summer kids from Caracas can have fun and learn about environment at the same time.

The State and private companies offer different environmental related activities to kids who stay in Caracas for their summer vacations.. Read More »