Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is a concept that originated in the 1990’s in the United States. Initially if referred to the planning of land development to have low impact on the environment.

Various global organizations have expanded this definition to included the re-engineering of support systems to not only be less of an impact on our enviorment but also more efficient in the use of resources.

Here at Got2BeGreen we include all the contributors to the implementation of green infrastructure; global organizations who write guidelines, green manufacturers of construction materials, renewable energy providers, innovators in agriculture, waste management and transportation.

HandPicked Nation

Green Lifestyles - HandPicked Nation intends to provide a place for people interested in food to gather, connect and share ideas. We promise to make it easy to meet some fascinating food folks, discover places to eat real food, read opinions from eminent authors, watch a video or two that entertain as much as they educate, buy from a larder of curated tastes and act upon important food issues we face today.These days, you can create, build and launch a website in a day it seems. This site took us almost 10 years.

A decade ago, we were working on a film project in the south of France, and for the first time, we had the chance to be immersed in a culture that truly understands and loves food. In Provence, people take the time to make bread from scratch every day, to grow vegetables the right way — to understand their food and where it comes from. Read More »

Dems Urge Hearing to Address Climate Change Skepticism on Capitol Hill

Since May 2011, Democrats have made at least seven other requests to GOP leadership for climate hearings. Thus far, none has been granted.

WASHINGTON—A remarkably balmy January—the fourth warmest on record—has prompted top Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee to prod Republicans into scheduling a congressional hearing to explore why winters are warmer than average. Read More »

Wind Supporters Mobilize to Save Federal Tax Credit

Down but not out, the wind industry vows to keep a federal tax credit alive. Plus, InsideClimate News breaks down Obama’s clean energy budget.

Supporters of a federal wind subsidy vowed Thursday to double down on their effort to keep the tax credit alive for at least one more year. The message came hours after Congress killed what was seen as the incentive’s last best chance for survival.

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