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Stay Cool With These Helpful Tips From A Top Company For Heating And Cooling In New Jersey

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Summer is in full swing, and The Entech Group Inc, a leading company for heating and cooling in New Jersey, knows how important your AC unit can be. Though you may only use your AC unit in the dead of summer, its up-keep is key throughout the entire year.

Heating and cooling specialists in NJ, like the professionals at The Entech Group Inc. agree that regular maintenance for all parts of the AC unit is vital to efficient operation.  The most important part of the AC unit is the filter. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a system’s efficiency significantly. Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.  During the warmer months, heating and cooling specialists recommend replacing the filter every one to two months.

Homeowners should also check and clean the air conditioning coils.  Coils collect dirt, which reduces the coil’s ability to absorb heat.  To avoid this problem, check coils every year and clean as necessary. Another part of the AC unit that can become clogged is the condensate drain.  To unclog the drain, just run a stiff wire through the drain channels.

Keep Your AC Unit From Leaving You Hot And Bothered In The Summer

heating and cooling in New JerseyFinally, AC window units should be checked to make sure that the seal between the unit and the window is secure.  Also, during winter months, heating and cooling specialists at The Entech Group Inc, a premier company for heating and cooling in New Jersey, advise that the unit be covered and protected from winter weather and debris.

Homeowners whose AC unit is not working properly can call a professional heating and cooling specialist in NJ.  For more information about HVAC services in NJ, please visit

A Top Company For HVAC In New Jersey Offers Advice On How To Keep Your HVAC System In Tiptop Shape

Prevent the malfunction or breakdown of your home’s HVAC system with these helpful tips from The Entech Group Inc. The Entech Group Inc, a leading HVAC company in New Jersey, can help you evaluate options to improve the health and comfort of your home.

In the middle of a heat wave or a blistery blizzard are just about the worse times for your HVAC system to fail.  Homeowners in New Jersey can prevent these heating and cooling disasters by going over this simple check list from The Entech Group.

Their heating and cooling specialists in New Jersey offer the following recommendations:

1.     If your heat pump or your AC is more than 10 years old, it is most likely enormously inefficient and not heating or cooling your house as good as it should.

2.     Think about replacing your furnace or boiler if it is more than 15 years old.

3.     If your equipment needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are getting higher, your system needs a thorough check up or even a replacement.

4.     If your system turns on and off frequently you may not have the right size system for your home. This can lead to increased indoor humidity levels and less comfort.

5.     Check for consistency in all rooms.  If some are too hot or too cold, you need to check up on your duct work or insulation.

Save On Heating And Cooling Your Home

HVAC New JerseyUsing out of date equipment can lead to higher bills and reduced comfort in the home.  While replacing or upgrading equipment can be costly, the money you save in the long-run will be worth the investment.  The Entech Group Inc in NJ says that homeowners spend an average of 44% of their utility bills on heating and cooling costs.  Therefore, homeowners that switch to energy efficient technologies can see dramatic savings on their bill.

The Entech Group Inc has helped many NJ homeowners heat and cool their homes more efficiently.  The company provides complete removal of aboveground and underground storage tanks as well as installation of natural gas heating systems.  In areas where natural gas is not available, The Entech Group Inc, a company providing HVAC services in New Jersey, can replace out of date oil heating equipment with newer, more efficient units.

For efficient heating and cooling in New Jersey, The Entech Group Inc provides complete HVAC services for residential and commercial customers.

For more information on Entech’s HVAC services, visit them online at

Make Your Business Energy Efficient With The Help Of A Heating & Cooling Company In NJ

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The Entech Group Inc, a premier heating & cooling company in NJ, is urging commercial property owners to have an energy efficient audit performed on their property. Through New Jersey’s Smart Start Program, businesses utilizing energy efficient equipment can take advantage of available incentives and rebates, as well as tax deductions and other incentives.

Using efficient heating and cooling units is one of the simplest ways to be eligible for the Smart Start incentives.  The Entech Group Inc, a top company providing heating & cooling in NJ, can help NJ business owners switch to more efficient options.  A Federal tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot is available for any commercial building that could reduce its overall energy consumption by 50% using various energy efficient equipment and measures – compared to the building’s original energy consumption.

Other incentives available as a result of the New Jersey Smart Start program include financial incentives, financial design incentives, and technical design support incentives.

Make Your Business More Energy Efficient With The Entech Group Inc

heating & cooling NJThe available financial incentives include incentives toward the purchase and installation of qualified energy efficient equipment.  The qualified energy efficient equipment includes Prescriptive Lighting and Controls, High Efficiency HVAC Units, High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters and Boilers, and Electric Chiller Units.  The financial incentive package is based on the level of efficiency of each piece of equipment.

For buildings 50,000 square feet or more, there are financial design incentives available to offset the project engineering fees related to the analysis of high efficiency alternatives.  For a pre-design planning session, an initial incentive of $1,000 is available.  A $5,000 incentive or more is available for the design simulation and modeling performed by a design professional to test the performance of high efficiency alternatives.

A technical design support incentive is available for buildings 50,000 square feet or less.  The technical design support incentive is available to assist the design professional when considering the analysis of the high efficiency alternatives, and offers up to eight hours of design support.

To learn more about efficient heating & cooling in NJ or to learn more about the energy audit, visit The Entech Group Inc at or call 800-571-8661.