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Only Sustainable 2011, The Capital of Sustainable Energy for the Americas

  • Over 40 expert speakers and senior representatives of the energy industry
  • More than 400 professionals and companies expected to attend this year’s conference from Spain, U.S and Latin America.

Miami, FL - Only Sustainable 2011, one of the most prestigious events on American sustainable energy will take place during November 7th - 9th in downtown Miami, FL. The international event will be held at the Wolfson Campus in Miami Dade College, calling out hundreds of participants from the United States, Latin America and Europe to discuss the latest sustainable energy trends in the region. Read More »


Vancouver, CANADA - The GLOBE Foundation, organizers of North America’s longest-running conference and trade fair dedicated to the business of the environment, announced today that the U.S. Department of Commerce has granted Trade Event Certification to its GLOBE 2012 event.

The GLOBE 2012 Conference and Trade Fair takes place March 14-16, 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. This certification is a significant achievement for the event, signaling U.S. Government support for GLOBE’s Trade Fair, which attracts upwards of 400 international exhibitors biennially - showcasing the world’s best environmental technologies, services and solutions to some 10,000 participants representing dozens of countries.

“The GLOBE Series has seen strong support from the U.S. over the course of its 22-year history,” says John Wiebe, President and CEO of the GLOBE Foundation. “This certification serves to enhance the event’s international reputation as a world leader in the industry, by assuring U.S. businesses that the GLOBE 2012 event meets the rigorous standards determined by the U.S. Department of Commerce”

Trade Event Certification is a designation established by the U.S. Department of Commerce in order to convey that a show is an important venue and an excellent event for U.S. businesses to sell their products and services internationally. The program was created with partnerships within the private sector industry to increase U.S. exports and trade fair participation internationally.

“The U.S. Department of Commerce has certified the GLOBE exhibition since 1992,”says Cheryl Schell, Senior Commercial Specialist, U.S. Consulate General. “This certification recognizes the effectiveness of GLOBE as a market development vehicle for U.S. environmental firms. Our continuing certification of the GLOBE exhibitions is based on the outstanding past performance of the show, as well as the high level of success American exhibitors have experienced.”

U.S. companies interested in the GLOBE 2012 Trade Fair can contact Trish Wuttunee at for more information. State governments and trade agencies interested in the GLOBE 2012 Trade Fair can contact Carine Vindeirinho at for more information. For general information click here.


GLOBE 2012 is produced by the GLOBE Group, an international consultancy organization in the business of the environment. GLOBE’s expertise lies in project management, event development, and management and consulting in the fields of environment and energy, urban development, and corporate responsibility. The GLOBE Group is North America’s longest operating producer of environmental events.

Walton Arts Center Announces its Second Annual Artosphere Festival, Celebrating Connections between Arts, Nature and Sustainability

Green Lifestyles - Walton Arts Center Announces its Second Annual Artosphere Festival, Celebrating Connections between Arts, Nature and SustainabilityArtosphere: Arkansas’ Arts & Nature Festival is a multi-week festival dedicated to celebrating artists, influenced by nature, who inspire us to live more sustainable lives. More information about Artosphere click here.

“This is a new kind of festival for Arkansas. Artosphere was inspired by the natural beauty of our state and regional focus on sustainability. We’re proud that last year over 15,000 people experienced nature, the environment and sustainability through a different lens with over 80+ arts and nature programs and events. This year, we hope to reach more audiences to make a bigger artistic and economic impact on the region.” -Peter Lane, CEO and President, Walton Arts Center. Read More »