This Week in Clean Economy: Pressure Is on Obama to Finalize National Solar Plan

Advocates trumpet the nation’s first solar plan on public lands and urge quick action. Election-year debate over jobs spills into U.S.-China solar spat

Pressure has begun to build for President Obama to make good on his State of the Union pledge to greenlight vast solar installations on public lands by year’s end, with supporters seemingly growing antsy that it’s either that or nothing in 2012. Read More »

Several States Using Little-Known Fund to Jump-Start the Clean Economy

Report finds that 22 states are tapping “CEFs” to build renewable energy projects. Some are going further by using the money to build entire industries.

A little-known source of clean energy funding could prove a crucial job-creation engine in the states, as federal support diminishes and they seek fresh growth drivers.

Every state can create clean energy funds, or CEFs, which are typically supported by a small surcharge on monthly electricity bills. So far 22 states have done so, generating $2.7 billion overall for the clean technology sector during the past decade. Most have used the money to install tens of thousands of solar panel arrays, wind turbines and biomass facilities. Read More »

Solar Choice Solar Window Blinds

Green Lifestyles - Solar Choice Solar Window Blinds. Window blinds that, instead of blocking the heat from the sun, actually capture it and heat your home.Keith McKinzie knows that many of America’s greatest inventions were laughed at when they first entered the marketplace. If he had feared such derision he would have given up long ago.

But America’s green revolution–coupled with our energy challenges–has unleashed the confidence of this “crazy” inventor who risked all with unbridled passion. Read More »