Green Product Reviews

Eco-friendly products tested and reviewed by our own Got2BeGreen staff.

CitiBlocs Prove that Fun Toys Don’t Always Equal High-Tech

citiblocs-trainIn a toy market that increasingly works to promote the latest and greatest of the high tech world, CitiBlocs wooden building sets are practically a sight for sore eyes. Considered by many as both an educational and creative toy, CitiBlocs inspires kids (and their parents) to experience the joy associated with getting back to basics.

Recently honored by the National Parenting Center with a 2011 Seal of Approval, CitiBlocs is also the recipient of more than 30 other industry related awards. The building and construction blocks are available in a variety of sizes and prices ranging from sets that include anywhere from 50-1000 pieces. CitiBlocs are also available in a wide assortment of colors. Read More »

Green Toymaker Promotes Sustainability with Wooden Board Games

In a world filled with plastic, disposable toys, it’s refreshing to see many toy companies promoting the idea of getting back to basics. Haba, one of Germany’s leading Eco-friendly toy makers, recently introduced a new line of wooden toys for children of all ages. The notion of wooden toys brings to mind items such as building blocks or even small cars or trains, not necessarily board games. Yet, as an innovator of learning through play, and strong believer in sustainability, Haba has created Inspektor Hase (Inspector Rabbit) a board game that is made completely of wooden materials.

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Planetbox Packs Lunch and Inspires Sustainability

With a new school year on the horizon, many parents are on a quest to find a solid and durable lunchbox for their children, but also want it to meet higher sustainability and environmental standards. Planetbox does just that, while making it easier then ever to pack kid-friendly, healthy lunches.  Made from stainless steel and other non-toxic components, Planetbox is on the fast track to becoming one of this school year’s most Eco-friendly lunch carrying products.

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