Repurposing & Reconsuming

Similar to reuse and recycling, repurposing and reconsuming refer to the practice of using something that was intended for one purpose for another reducing waste.

September 27th is Earth Overshoot Day

Green Lifestyles - September 27th is Earth Overshoot Day. Humanity has exhausted the budget of what nature can provide this yearHumanity has exhausted the budget of what nature can provide this year

Oakland, CA — – Humanity is surpassing nature’s budget for the year, and is moving into the ecological equivalent of overdraft, according to data from Global Footprint Network, an international research organization with offices in California and Geneva.

Similarly to the way a bank statement tracks income against expenditures, Global Footprint Network tracks human demand on nature (for example, for providing food, producing raw materials and absorbing CO2) against nature’s capacity to regenerate those resources and absorb the waste. Its calculations show that, in approximately nine months, we have surpassed a level of demand on resources that the planet would be able to sustainably support this year. Read More »

Heritage Hops into Making of Dean Biersch’s Hopmonk Tavern in Sonoma, CA

Hear from Hopmonk Founder and Restaurateur, Dean Biersch and Heritage Salvage Founder, Bug Deakin on the making of a Sustainable Tavern - authentic reclaimed  materials used include wood from John I Haas’ 1924 Hops Warehouse in Yakima, Washington and bleacher boards from three locations including,  Southern Illinois University.

Consumed - An independent Film About the Psychology of Consumerism

consumedlogoConsumed - An independent film about the psychology of consumerism and modern society, looking from an evolutionary viewpoint. it leads to an attempt to the understand environmentally destructive tendencies we have. Consumed is a compelling documentary about modern consumerist culture. Evolution and psychology underpin a narrative of our times, constantly locating man at its centre with an unhealthy dose of pathos. All mixed up with some fantastic early 20th century archive and interviews with ecologists, psychologists, designers and an expert in sustainability. Check out the trailer: Consumed