Three Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 3 Minutes

2010On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, here are three easy ways that your can make a difference in three minutes:

1. Recycle those Plastics! Plastics are too valuable to waste and can be given a second life as another product like your next living room carpet, a tote bag, furniture, or a stylish T-shirt. Not sure what plastics you can recycle in your community? Check out this site to find out!

2. Go Shopping! Buying products made from recycled materials is one way we can help “close the loop” or complete the recycling circle to help reduce waste across the globe. Check out some of these goodies:
a. A Lot to Say Every A Lot to Say tee is made of recycled PET and uses a revolutionary process that allows this discarded PET to be turned into soft, durable and highly sustainable fabrics.
b. Matt & Nat (/) All of Matt & Nat’s cute purses are lined with materials made from recycled plastic water bottles
c. H&M Retailer giant H&M is all set to use recycled PET bottles to make a dent in their polyester production, along with incorporating recycled polyester and cotton. Available this month, H&M’s “Garden Collection” incorporates recycled polyester, organic linen and cotton.
d. EcoGIR Suits made from recycled materials? EcoGIR suits from Bagir, available at Sears, are made in part from recycled PET plastic bottles and are also machine washable!

3. Test your Recycling Know-How and enter the chance to win a t-shirt made from recycled PET plastic bottles while you’re at it. Check it out.

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  1. Thanks for the information! It is so easy to recicle and then again, so many people don’t seem to care. I will be checking out the products you mentioned!

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