Recycling in the Office


Compared to other countries, Venezuela hasn’t developed the green lifestyle among their citizens, and even when a lot of them want to become greener, the infrastructure and the accepted behaviors in Venezuelan culture makes it a hard goal to achieve. That’s because lots of people think that organic or green is more expensive than the regular stuff.

However, living a green lifestyle is easier and more efficient than you might think.  Many corporations are supporting their employee’s green attitudes while at the same time acknowledging the economic benefit for their business and for the environment.

There are some pretty simple things you can do to make your office a bit greener, save a lot of money and care for the environment at the same time. You can: use ceramic cups instead of the daily plastic cup to drink coffee; turn the lights off in the areas that are not being used; use air conditioning only when it’s really needed (is pretty common in Venezuela to work in an office that feels like a penguin family could live there); and recycle the used paper that normally goes ends up in the trash.

If you don’t know how to recycle at your work place, in Venezuela there is a private company called REPAVECA that buys used paper and cardboard. They handle everything from the collection at your office, to the selling of the final product to major paper companies in the country, saving thousands of trees from the Amazons which otherwise would be used by these paper companies.

REPAVECA provides all the tools necessary to allow companies to reap the benefits of recycling right now. They provide containers so you can easily separate used cardboard and paper in your office, and they also send their staff to explain to everyone at the company the economic and environmental benefits of recycling.

If you are still not sure that simple changes like recycling can save money and the environment at the same time, visit this site.

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