Going Green Starter Kit

When it comes to “going green” every little bit helps. For that reason we love the “Starter Kit for Change.” The kit, from rocklovepeace, is a great way to inspire friends and family to “jump start their eco-lifestyle.” The idea behind the starter kit is to keep things light and fun but at the same time educate, motivate, and activate. The kit contains a variety of goodies such as a CFL bulb, fair-trade hot chocolate, and a treeless journal. All of these items are packaged in a tote that has been created using vintage fabrics. The paper products in the kit are made from recycled materials or are made by hand from the shavings of the lokta bush (stay tuned for a story about this in a later post). Visit their site for more info about the contents. What we love most about this bag is the mission of r rocklovepeace. According to their manifesto:

We believe that one person really can make a difference but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Our goal is to create that starting point for gathering and sharing information on current issues, providing the tools that enable the user to take an immediate action towards a solution, and inspiring further participation to the cause.

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