Project YOOXYGEN - All Proceeds Donated to Green Cross International


On June 30th, launched their  environmentally sustainable project YOOXYGEN.  The number one virtual fashion and design boutique presented a special series of collections called “” - limited edition t-shirts for both men and women, designed by celebrities and produced by EDUN LIVE, part of the ethically aware clothing company, EDUN Apparel founded by Ali Hewson and her husband Bono in 2005.

Created by renowned celebrities, the 100% organic cotton t-shirts covering themes of design, music and fashion will be sold exclusively on with all proceeds being donated to Green Cross International, an environmental non-governmental organization (NGO) founded by President Mikhail Gorbachev and partner of YOOXYGEN.

The first journey of the initiative is a t-shirt designed by Angela Lindvall, the American Supermodel noted for her green activities and her establishment of the non-profit organization the Collage Foundation. Lindvall’s t-shirt design is derived from her vision of the environment: “My shirt was created from the shadows of trees. Our shadow side is what sometimes pushes us to grow.”

In March 2007 EDUN launched the EDUN LIVE brand of blank tee shirts. The EDUN LIVE range enables EDUN to drive further trade into Africa through high volume sales direct to the wholesale market as well as the consumer. The tees are 100% African produced, from the fields where the cotton is picked, to the factory where the final garment is cut and sewn. To find out more about EDUN LIVE visit the site.

Photo Credit: David Mushegain

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