Coffee Grounds Good For Gardens

Starbucks Grounds For Your Garden Program

Starbucks Grounds For Your Garden Program

At the end of the day, the daily grind at Starbucks produces a lot of used coffee grounds. And that’s good news for gardens. You can perk up your plants with free coffee grounds from Starbucks. The company supports the recycling effort through its Grounds For Your Gardens Program.

Trudy Doten, manager of Starbucks at the Forum, a shopping  center in Fort Myers, Florida, started a garden in front of the store fertilized with the used grounds.  “We wanted to show our guests what coffee grounds can do for fruits, vegetables and flowers,” she says.

At Trudy’s store, the grounds are packaged in reused coffee bags, labeled with instructions for  use, and offered free for the asking.

Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients, primarily nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can add grounds directly to the soil or mix them into your compost heap.  A word of caution before using coffee grounds for plants:  ask your local County Agricultural Extension Service what is best for your area’s soil and for what you are growing.

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  1. Hi great post, just the amount of Starbucks coffee I drink could fill a land fill. I did not know that they had such a program which is great for everyone. Do you know if all the store are doing this? or just some.
    Thanks Chris

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