Ecologic Reserves: Petty Island and Delta del Orinoco

The Venezuelan State and UNESCO contribute with biodiversity preservation.

The oil company CITGO, property of the Venezuelan State, donated Petty island in the Delaware River, near Philadelphia, to the state of New Jersey. The announcement was made by president Hugo Chávez during the Cumbre de las Américas, celebrated in Trinidad  and Tobago last April. The island and the infrastructure are worth approximately $20 million, and they will be conditioned as an ecologic reserve by governmental authorities. To convert a place that was used to process a high contaminating substance into an ecologic reserve is a remarkable fact, and it will bring great improvements.  Venezuela is a main oil producing country, so it is nice to know that they are being environmentally responsible.

In other news, the MAB-UNESCO (Man and Biosphere program) incorporated the Venezuelan Delta del Orinoco to their World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The Delta is located in Venezuelan east geographical limits, and it has vast biodiversity in both sea and earth ecosystems, sheltering more than 2,l000 botanical species and  rich fauna diversity. In addition, they considered the importance of the Warao culture, the who have lived in the region since ancient times. With this recognition Venezuelans hope the state will implement policies to protect the delta’s biodiversity, as well as the Warao people living there.

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