500 Story Eco-Skyscraper to be Built in London


There is another plan to make a super-high tech skyscraper, this time in London. To be built by the UK company, Popularchitecture, the eco-friendly building would be home to about 100,000 people in a skyscraper reaching up to 500 stories. It would not only enclose people but schools, hospitals and stores. The unique design to be featured in East London, also includes somewhat scary open spaces or “holes” displaying the green public spaces. What a way to live!



3 Responses to “500 Story Eco-Skyscraper to be Built in London”

  1. Is this tower only a vision or will it definatelly be built?Plus when will it be built?

  2. I think this design will be great to put london on the map as having the tallest building in the world. Overall I think it would be great to change the way London looks by putting this 500 storey tall building in London

  3. I think its absolutely incredible…its amazing to have this sort of progessive thinking within current architecture. Big fan of this project - will it be built?

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