Plastic Bag No Pants Takes on Hello Kitty for Eco Fame


Hello Kitty, the ubiquitous Japanese icon, is facing some competition from a plastic bag.

Charles Ward, an English transplant in Japan, calls it Fukuro-Chan, and it’s much more lovable than you might imagine.

The Ward-created character looks like a colorless, pantless SpongeBob, and tells kids about ways to waste less, as in not using plastic bags, reusing, recycling and the like.

I think. It’s all in Japanese, and my Japanese is rusty, as in I-don’t-speak-a-word.

The character was reportedly inspired by all the plastic bag waste that Ward saw in Japan. Did he have to go that far to find it?

The character has appeared in comic strips and films, like this one.

The song here sounds like a Japanese version of  “La Cucaracha.” The cockroach to crush is unnecessary waste from plastic bags and other disposable items, including wooden chopsticks. Fukuro-chan means “plastic bag.”

Any kid, anywhere is bound to get the message. It’s almost better that the words are lost on English speakers. “Fun” is one English word shown in the video. Climate change also is shown to melt plastic bags.

Do you get it? Let us know in the comments below. Maybe Fukuro-chan is too cute for his own good?

Via: Dothegreenthing.

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