Arizona Kind To Green Telecommuters

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One of the bigger lifestyle changes we can make to reduce our personal environmental impact is to work from home. If you live in Arizona, you are lucky - Arizona has an award-winning telecommuting incentive program that’s garnered ubiquitous buy-in from private employers around the state.

Arizona allows state employees that meet certain broad specifications to either work from home or commute to a state-sponsored office close to your home

The Arizona Telework website indicates that the lofty goal of having 20% of state employees in Maricopa County working from home has been met and exceeded. They estimate that due to the new system, state employees “annually drive 5.25 million fewer miles, generate 175,000 fewer pounds of air pollution, and endure 181,000 fewer hours of stressful driving time.”

But if you don’t happen to work for the state, you’re not left out in the cold (or heat, as it were - hey, it IS Arizona!). There are plenty of incentives for private employees to take advantage of the system. Check out the website to see what kind of options are available for you!

Not sure if working from home is a good idea for you or your business? Check out some of the common myths about telecommuting here.

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3 Responses to “Arizona Kind To Green Telecommuters”

  1. The amount of reduced stressful driving and miles driven struck me as extremely successful! I guess we are doing our job by working from home! Everyone is happier!

  2. Working from home just makes sense for those who are able. I work from home. Because of the internet it is so much easier to work anywhere. Good for Arizona!

  3. I’m looking for a job where I can work from home. I live in a remote area and have been trying to filter through the static of the internet looking for companies I can send my resume to.
    If anyone can give me leads my email is
    Thank you!

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