The Go Green Expo is Coming to Atlanta

The eco show, Go Green Expo, has announced its 2009 tour locations. The event kicked-off earlier this year in New York City during Earth Week. The Go Green Expo will continue, making stops in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia.

The Go Green Expo is a business to business and consumer show which features green living products and services. In addition to showcasing Earth-friendly products and services, the event will include educational seminars and panels. The Go Green Expo focuses on business, electronics, energy conservation, recycling, home building, food, and more.

In preparation for The Go Green Expo, organizers are taking steps to reduce the “carbon footprint” and the amount of waste generated. These measures include compostable and biodegradable trashcan liners and table cloths, recycled flooring and signage, biodegradable banners, and soy inks. “There is no question that the time to act is now,” says Bradford Rand, president and CEO of Go Green Expo. “By bringing this forum for showcasing sustainability to multiple cities we hope to encourage and empower more people and businesses to take action for a better planet.”

The Go Green Expo is going to be in Atlanta on June 26th-28th, 2009. Ticket information and exhibit application information is available The Go Green Expo website.


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