Greener Restaurant Option in Ada, Oklahoma

You may think Oklahoma doesn’t have environmentally friendly options for much but you just have to look a bit harder, or maybe just ask for them.

My favorite restaurant in Oklahoma is Papa Gjorgjo’s  North Lounge, in Ada. It’s owned by an Italian man and his wife. They serve wonderful Italian food cooked from scratch with real ingredients. Some may think I like it a bit too much seeing as I know most of the staff, including the owners.  I say I’m just helping to support my local economy and a local business.

They are already a more environmentally friendly option than most restaurants because they use cloth napkins and real dishes. You will only have waste if you use a straw.

My husband and I love to go there for a nice relaxing evening and just sit on their comfy sofa, eating yummy Italian food. We also sometimes just go for a dinner and some appetizers, the pepperoni rolls are my current favorite.

I read about some green cocktail parties and was thinking how perfect the North Lounge would be for this if they just had some eco-friendly alcohol. So I asked the manager if he could order some Square One organic vodka, he said he would look in to it. We went there tonight and he said it will be in on Monday!   Next I want to see if they will stock some Oklahoma wines.

Sometimes all it takes is asking and you can get people and businesses to take small steps toward being more eco-friendly. So if you are near Ada be sure to stop by Papa Gjorgjo ‘s North Lounge for a waste free Italian meal and some organic vodka!

For more information about Papa Gjorgio’s North Lounge call 580-332-9500

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  1. See you there! :)

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