Oklahoma Sustainable Network

Oklahoma Sustainable Network is a non-profit organization working to help Oklahoma become more sustainable, economically and environmentally.

They have bimonthly meetings to network, plan events, and talk about new information. They have chapters all over Oklahoma. The chapters are East Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Green County, Norman, Nowata, Osage, & Washington, Tulsa, Stillwater, and Shawnee. They have all kind of events including green cocktail parties, meetings, workshops and more.

Groups like this are very important to helping Oklahoma become more environmentally friendly. It’s a fun way to learn about helping the environment. Sometimes going green can be overwhelming but doing it with others will help you stay on track.

If one of the chapters is close to you be sure to check them out. If none are near you consider starting one. Together we can make Oklahoma a greener place to live.

For more information please visit this site

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