University Of Central Oklahoma Going Green

UCO is working hard to make the campus more sustainable. This year there Winter Glow holiday celebration made the switch to LED lights.

UCO’s Coordinator for Campus Activities and Events, Jordan Smith, tells us why they made the switch. “We chose to go to the LED lights this year for a couple of reasons.  First of all, the LED lights are more durable and have a longer bulb life than regular lights.  They also only use about 10% of the electricity that normal lights do.  This is important to UCO as we are always trying to find ways to improve our university’s sustainability.  Finally, we also like the look of the LED lights.  They seem to shine brighter with more “pop” than normal lights.”

UCO’s projects don’t stop there. They started buying wind power in 2006 from Edmond Electric. They use 100% wind for their electrical needs. They have saved $50,000 so far. They are currently investigating buying a wind power generator. They are also looking in to solar and geothermal systems.

Hazardous waste is properly disposed of to make sure it has the smallest environmental impact possible. The UCO Motor Pool Department recycles 100% of used oil, oil filters, lubricants, and antifreeze.

They are also trying to educate people about being sustainable. They have an annual Earth Day event as well as other great events.

They even make biodiesel for use in many of the diesel engines on campus. They also have a great recycling program.

UCO is doing some very wonderful things in a state that is often behind on environmental issues. You can find out more about UCO’s sustainably projects on

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