How Green Is Your Shirt?


Tell a green-thinking person you want to buy clothes and have them shipped from halfway around the world, and they won’t be happy.  This item makes that seem a little less crazy, though.  The shirt is made in India, so if an American were to  purchase one, it has to be shipped from India to the United States, which clearly is not the greenest way to do shopping.

On the other hand, these shirts are USDA Certified Organic and “produced with the least environmental impact.”  Some environmentalists would still say “Not good enough.”  So, now add in the fact that these shirts are created by 120 differently-abled and/or impoverished women, as part of an employment training program overseen by a group of Franciscan nuns.  The nuns provide food and shelter to these women as part of their employment, as well.

Some might still argue that even such charitable work does not justify putting a shirt on a plane from India to The US.  To them it should be noted that Organic Style, who sells these shirts, also uses recycled (and recyclable) shipping materials and inserts, and prints with water- or soy-based inks.   To offset their shipping, they have gone so far as to partner with Carbon Fund, so that a portion of every purchase goes toward the Nicaragua Reforestation Project.  So maybe shipping from India, in this case, isn’t so ungreen after all.

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