My Personal 100 Mile Challenge - Pt 2

100-mileIn my previous post, I talked about possibly trying the 100 mile challenge. What we’ve pretty much decided on is taking baby steps for now, without actually doing the full challenge. Someone commented about concentrating more on the larger items and that really got me thinking about the whole concept. I could try buying nothing but local food for a month, and that would be great, but, honestly, I’m not sure it’s something I could sustain after the 30 days was over. At least, not to the extreme that some of the people appear to be taking the challenge.

I don’t have access to sea water to boil down and I am a person who needs salt, so that is really a non-negotiable item I would have to buy outside the 100 mile perimeter. I don’t really need yeast, but there are likely to be at least a few other things like salt that I am unwilling to get rid of full-time. Sometimes, I will have to have sugar and not honey, for instance.

So, instead of trying to be extreme for 30 days, I thought, wouldn’t it be better to use those 30 days to slowly start replacing my standard grocery list with local items that I can continue to buy indefinitely? So that’s what we’ve started to do. I will continue to document our progress and see if this is something we can keep up long term. Wish me luck!

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