New Eco-friendly Community in Columbia, TN

My hometown of Columbia, TN has been home to some decidedly environmentally unfriendly things in its lifetime, from carbon and phosphorus and other factories to this spring’s horrific flood. Teresa Beck aims to change some of that by building only green homes to a new eco-friendly subdivision she has created in the downtown area.

Ms. Beck, a member of the Tennessee chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, has designed the entire gated community to be environmentally friendly. The rain water that comes into the subdivision will be filter not only by bio-retention areas in the landscaping, but by permeable pavers in the roadways. The water coming out of the community for use on the lawns will be regulated by a weather satellite.

Naysayers believe there is no place for this community in Columbia at the present time, that these houses are not good simply because they aren’t affordable to the everyman. However, Teresa Beck’s vision seems to have been to make a small, green impact locally, in an area that needs revitalization, for a somewhat overlooked target group. She appears to have achieved that.

Sources: “Woman builds green subdivision” October 19, 2010 Columbia Daily Herald

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  1. I have been living in Tenn since nearly 4 years. I came from Calif. where ecofriendly was the growing norm. Since my arrival here I have tried on numerous occasions to promote products from my company specifically designed to promote a more ecofriendly environment not only for my clients but also to set an example for my children. I was thrilled by your devotion and especially your dedication to such a project and I can clearly empthasize with the hurdles you must have faced. I have encountered so many obstacles here in comparison to California where being “green” was something to be proud of. Tennessee will eventually be forced to join the wave of an environmentally concerned generation. I am trying to promote at this moment a simple reuseable water bottle with a built-in filter thereby eliminating altogether the need to purchase those plastic water containers normally bought at every street corner that in 2005 nearly 144 BILLION containers were wasted in the U.S. alone. Any input from you would also be greatly appreciated.

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