Ecologic Carnival in Caracas

carnavales-caracas1The ecologist group Ecos 23 used the festive times to raise awareness about environmental issues in “23 de enero”, one of multiple Caracas ghettos.

In Venezuela, children usually celebrate Carnival playing games that involve a lot of water, paper, paint and eggs, wasting massive amounts of these resources and leaving the streets dirty weeks after the festivities. This year a group of young people from “23 de enero” choose to celebrate the holidays in a more environmental friendly way.

More than forty children between 6 and 18 years old, with their own initiative and directed by Ecos 23, talked to their neighbors about issues such as global warming and recycling, promoting the rational use of water and the importance of the environment. Their costumes were handmade with old pieces of fabric they collected from the neighbors, some seeds, dry leaves and other natural materials.

The popular ghetto of “23 de enero” is a poor “barrio” from Caracas where two years ago a group of people founded Ecos 23, a social organization with the purpose of promoting activities to inform people about environmental issues.

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