Green Do-Gooder Tips

11 Green Do-Gooder Tips

#1 - Reuse Plastic Bags: Does every single produce item need a plastic bag? How about the bananas, can those go without? Yep, they can! Especially those grapes that already have a plastic wrap. Just throw them in your cart!

#2 - Bare Fruit: Plastic sandwich bags can be reused more than once, most of them are pretty sturdy. Before choosing to throw them out, wash them out and give them another chance. They only need a little soap and hot water.

#3 - Reuse Aluminum: Used aluminum foil can be washed and reused a few times - it’s usually in fine condition unless wrapped around raw meat. Try to keep it out of the trash or recycling bin just a bit longer.

#4 - Gift Cards: Keep track of gift cards given to you. A lot of them get lost or never get used because people forget about them. Don’t give the retailers free money. And keep track of that plastic!

#5 - Microfiber Cloths: Paper towels can be minimized around the house if you switch to microfiber cloths. They work excellent on small spills, wiping down things or cleaning the house.

#6 - Clean your Filter: During each season, check your air conditioning or furnace to clean or replace the filter. It saves on the electric bill; plus it’ll reduce any issues with fire hazards.

#7 - Cleaning out Recyclables: Many people don’t rinse out cans, jars or bottles before recycling them which can turn out to be a headache for the recycling centers. The stuff found in your recyclables end up gumming the equipment at the centers.

#8 - Mirror Magic: Dr. Bronners Mirror Magic doesn’t take much to clean your home. A little dab on a cloth to wipe the bathroom mirror is all you need, plus it makes your mirror fog-free for some time.

#9 - Recycle Rechargeables: When the rechargeables are no longer working, recycle them instead of throwing them away.

#10 - Reuse Spaghetti Jars: Find another use for them. You could use the jar as a little planter or vase for bamboo. Just scrub off the label (it’s easier if you soak it in water first), place some marbles in the jar around the bottom of the bamboo, wrap the outside of the jar with a decorative ribbon and that’s it!

#11 - Remove Bottle Caps: Before recycling those bottles, remember to remove the caps because they are usually not recyclable.