50 Reasons to Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Except for a very few exceptions, a plastic bag will take thousands of years to break down.  That means that just about every plastic bag that has ever been produced still exists and will continue to exist for thousands of years to come!  We can think of a number of reasons to stop using plastic bags but “Fox” at Squawkfox has come up with 50 reasons!  Read all 50 reasons here.


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  1. Hi,

    Ive seen ur website thru mybloglog which u have visited me then i checked ur site and found this interesting feature of plastic bag.

    I worked in dubai for 5 years, my friends and i frequently visited or purchased our groceries in a well known supermarket in here called carrefour. Out of a sudden, plastic bags were sold 25 fils each, came to our surprise of their policy. They pointed out relative to your article. They put advertisement of the same inside the supermarket yet people are not paying attention to it. All the cashiers and staff were knowledgeable about the issue yet the community did not patronize the drive for not using the plastic bags contrary the supermarket should not use plastic bags in the first place and replace it with paper bags. but economy wise paper bags are expensive than plastic. Nowadays, they are not charging for the plastic bags and back to normal as if the drive for not utilizing plastic bags is no longer an issue. However, they are still promoting reusable bags for groceries. but not all people is going to bring that bag whenever they are going to grocery stores.

  2. Reusable shopping bags are an easy way to start going green! This article points out 50 great reasons to get your own bags. I just bought a set of bags at http://www.YouShouldGoGreen.com and I love taking them to the store with me. They had a great selection and affordable prices! With a plastic bag ban starting next year in California, more people should start visiting http://www.YouShouldGoGreen.com and get a head start!

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