A Very “Green” Garbage Can

The average garbage truck only gets 2.8 miles to the gallon of diesel fuel! This is because trucks are very big, tend to be older and drivers need to make frequent stops while the engine is always on. With this is mind, BigBelly Solar has created the BigBelly Solar Compactor. This is a patented self powered solar trash receptacle and compactor. The receptacle is the same size as any other outdoor garbage can but it can hold five times as much garbage. The unit uses solar power to crush the contents. According to he BigBelly website: “The unit takes up as much space as the “footprint” of an ordinary receptacle-but its capacity is five times greater” Since the unit can hold so much more, it doesn’t need to be emptied as often. This saves fuel costs and reduces greenhouse gases that garbage trucks emit and cuts labor costs. The BigBelly Solar Compacter is $4,000, but according the company it will pay for itself in a year and a half. This is a great item for municipalities, universities or large business complexes.


2 Responses to “A Very “Green” Garbage Can”

  1. FYI, they have these installed on my street in Boston! They are excellent.

  2. I understand the purpose or desire; however, I am not going to grab that handle to get rid of my garbage. Can it not be developed with an open hole disposal?

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