Batteries: Another Way Going Green Can Save Green

Green Lifestyles - Duracell rechargeable Batteries Another Way Going Green Can Save GreenSometimes I do green things and don’t even think about them being the greener thing. Sometimes, I am just trying to save time and money and the green aspect doesn’t occur to me until later. So sometimes, when I realize the green-ness, I get to feel good all over again.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I used to travel between Tennessee and Texas by car at least twice a year. That can take anywhere from 12.5-17 hours, depending on route, traffic, and weather, which means entertainment is desperately needed. In my case, that means audio books. A few years back, I bought a used car that only had a tape deck, so that meant I had to start using an adaptor and a battery-powered cd player. That is a lot of time for continuous battery play.

The first trip in my new car, I went through about 3 pairs of AA batteries. Not too bad in the short term, I guess, but that was only one direction, and my trips were also increasing. Disposable batteries are not exactly cheap (well, the ones that are only last about 2 minutes), so I quickly went looking for an alternative. What I found were some lovely green rechargeable batteries with a little egg-shaped charger that plugs directly into the wall.

First, the Cons: I wasn’t prepared for how many hours they took to charge, so that was certainly a drawback. The charger I bought will also only accommodate 2 batteries at a time, which is kind of inconvenient when coupled with the long charge time. The charger and batteries together were over $20.

On the other hands, the Pros: Once they are charged, these batteries ran my cd player for the full trip and then some, well in excess of 12 hours. They really weren’t much more expensive than regular batteries, and I only had to buy them once for years of use. Since my device only uses two batteries at a time, and lasts so long, I could charge 2 other sets fully while the first set was still in use. The plug folds down, so the charger can double as a storage case for an extra pair of batteries.  I haven’t thrown away a battery in years.

Duracell rechargeable AA Batteries Final Grade: A-

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  2. Why don’t you just get an inverter and plug it into your cigarette lighter using your already recharging car battery? Wouldn’t that be both greener and cheaper considering the limited life span of rechargeable batteries?

  3. Actually, Wendy, I have an inverter which I use for charging my phone, etc, however, my cd player does not have an adaptor, only a battery pack. Aside from that, there are many other uses for my rechargeable batteries outside of my car, in other devices (like remotes for instance) that only accept batteries.

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