Blueberries Perform Better Than Silicon for Solar


Blueberries may soon be aiding a higher need. Who would have thought that blueberries could serve as a solar energy source?

Professor Aldo Di Carlo from the Department of Electronic Engineering in Italy, is leading a research team to use the natural pigments derived from blueberries to improve solar panel production. The pigments from dark-colored berries absorb sunlight extremely well. Since the extraction of the pigment is simple task, production of solar cells would increase. Unfortunately, efficiency rates are considerably lower. Silicon-based solar panels achieve an efficiency rate of approximately 15 percent while dyed solar panels achieve only a 1 percent efficiency rate. But by using synthetic dyes, efficiency rates could increase to 10 percent or more.


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  1. Hello,
    I’m from Myanmar(Burma).
    I wanna wants to produce printed solar cell in Myanmar.

    Please help us

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