Energy Tower Has Enough Energy for 15 Earths and Could End Global Warming?

Researchers over at the Israel Technion Institute of Science seem confident in building a product to easily produce enough energy to power 15 to 20 times the total electricity being used by the world today. Not only that, they’re also claiming that it could be used as a desalination device which could reverse global warming.

Since 1983, the concept called the “Energy Tower“, has been in the works with 150 man-years spent researching, designing, testing and analyzing.

Professor Dan Zaslavsky, the project founder, says the 3,000-foot tall tower works on the basic principle of convection - in which hot air rises and cold air falls. With a diameter of 1200 feet, it could take advantage of the flow of cold and warm air.

Water would be added to the top of the tower to cool the hot air at the top, and the heavy cooled air would sink downwards, picking up speed as it falls. It finally be used to power turbines at the tower’s base connected to a generator to produce the electricity.

Since the Energy Tower relies on sun power for hot air, the tower is considered to be a type of solar power. Forty countries have been identified as ideal regions to place the tower since it works best in hot, dry climates such as areas in the Middle East, North Africa, Mexico, California, and Australia.

If created, the researchers expect energy to come cheap at about 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour which is less than a third of the cost for power in Israel currently. It’s also cheaper than solar, wind and hydro-electric power.

As for it reversing global warming? The Energy Tower could cool the Earth by creating a “Hadley Cell Circulation” which is a natural process when the earth cools itself near the equator. If the tower could cool the air around it, in desert regions, the Energy Tower could aid in the global cooling process.

The researchers are still waiting for investors to finance the project to build a prototype. If successful, it could generate cheaper energy for large populations and greatly have a hand in aiding the worlds energy outlook.


8 Responses to “Energy Tower Has Enough Energy for 15 Earths and Could End Global Warming?”

  1. Wow!

    Great information. My name is Dean Guadagni and I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area where the Green movement is alive and well.

    My new startup company has a very interesting pioneering concept that of the convergence between science (quantum physics) and spirituality.

    Part of my education has also dealt with the power of quantum physics and it’s potential as an unlimited power source and travel mechanism.

    Would you consider taking a look at Joe Firmage and his writings on energy?

    My partner is Susan Hanshaw an author and inspirational speaker. We are in the midst of launching a new blog to support our website. When it launches I would appreciate your opinion.

    Great great information. If we can only pressure the US Govt and their Oil company friends to loosen the strangle hold they have on our energy sources.


  2. Yes, but how much energy does it take to transport all that water to the top of the tower before you can use it to cool the hot air? And how much do you have to cool it? The air at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro is pretty cold, and the air at its foot is extremely hot, yet you don’t see any perpetual strong cold winds blowing off its foot….

  3. This is interesting. Somehow it just sounds too good to be true, though.

  4. Well isn’t that a refreshing bit of news. I have long felt science was the answer to the energy problem and now someone has a basis for resolutionm, sign me up Scotty tell me more.

  5. what does it even mean 10-15 earths what if you build one or if you build 1000, plus the costs are restrictvley high, what do they plan on using for the construction material. like already mentioned what makes them think this will even work go to any tropical mountain and there is no indication of strong down winds (some yes but not many)

    Im still interested in knowing how they came up with the 10-15 earths what the calculations used to make such a bold statement were

  6. cute idea, but this is completley impractical might as well focus all resources into a fusion plant as opposed to this implausible concept

    like lora i want to know what calculations they used to come up with 10-15 earths of power

    is this a case of throwing out grand concepts to woo people who dont think about the cons or unrealistic claims

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