Green Your Clothes Dryer

A green clothes dryer should be available any day now.  Hydromatic Technologies Corporation (HTC) plans to make the DryerMiserTM upgrade kit available in early in 2009.  The DryerMiserTM technology might finally mean that a clothes dryer can achieve Energy Star status.  Currently there are no clothes dryers that have Energy Star status because “there is little difference in energy use between models.” According to the company, “the system can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent and cut drying time up to 41 percent, according to the company.” The DryerMiser uses hydronics technology.  According to the DryerMiser  website,” this  is the utilization of water or other fluids to transfer heat from one location to another. Steam and hot water radiators are one of the oldest forms of hydronic technology.”  The kit will cost $300 and will replace the heating element in your existing dryer.

These are the FAQs from the DryerMiser website:

Will a new ‘hydronic’ dryer be available in retail stores? Yes, we do anticipate distribution via retail stores.

When will the hydronic upgrade kit be available? We expect to roll out our hydronic upgrade kit starting in early 2009.

Where can the hydronic upgrade kit be purchased? Once the upgrade conversion kit is available to consumers we will have service providers available to sell and install the kits.
How long does it take to convert? A trained service technician should be able to complete the upgrade in less than one hour.

Can all brands/models of dryers be converted? Our technology can be used in almost every clothes dryer currently on the market however, each brand is unique and initially our upgrade kit will fit only select models of the most popular dryers.

Does the hydronic upgrade kit work with both 110V (Gas) & 240V systems? Yes, our technology is convertible for both 110V & 240V clothes dryers.

What are the major features and benefits of the hydronic upgrade kit? Our hydronic upgrade kit will reduce energy consumption and the risk of a dryer fire due to its use of a non-hazardous fluid.

What is the cost of the hydronic upgrade kit? Our anticipated price is $300.00 to install an upgrade conversion kit.

Does the hydronic upgrade kit need yearly maintenance? The hydronic upgrade kit does not require any special maintenance but, we do recommend you follow the appliance manufacturer’s recommendations along with our “user” manual.

Does the hydronic upgrade kit have a warranty? The hydronic upgrade kit comes with a one year warranty against factory defects.

Can I get a new warranty? Yes.
Where can I get service? An authorized service provider can assist with service.

Does the heat transfer fluid come in contact with the clothes? No, the hydronic kit is a sealed closed loop system.

Is this technology available in Canada? The roll out of our technology includes several foreign countries such as Canada but, our distribution will begin in the United States.

Do you have other products? Yes, we have several new projects in R&D so check our website often for new and exciting technologies that we are working on.

How long has Hydromatic Technologies Corporation been in existence? Our company was incorporated in 2005.

For additional information visit the DryerMiser Website.

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