Jet Wind Turbine - 4 Times More Efficient

Flodesign Wind Turbine

Flodesign’s jet engine shaped wind turbine is designed to be an amazingly 3 to 4 times more efficient than standard wind turbines. Present day wind turbines only capture 50% of the air flow, cannot stand high winds, have high building standards, require many trucks to deliver parts for 1 turbine and have to be built tall and away from habitable areas. Due to their large size, the large turbines force air around it instead of through it and during high winds they are usually turned off or break due to their huge slow spinning blades.

Flodesign’s wind jet turbine is designed to be made simple and small, giving it the ability to handle high wind velocities due to its effectiveness to handle off axis flow and turbulence. Slow air on the inside flares out while the fast air on the outside is deflected in. When the two flows meet at different angles they create a rapid mixing vortex. A “fin” placed on top of the Flodesign wind jet turbine has the ability to automatically align to wind direction. In addition, it can be disassembled to fit in one truck vs the traditional wind turbines which will need several trucks to just deliver parts to 1. With the costs estimated to be 25-35% less and the added ability to place these turbines closer together, who would say no?

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  1. hi i enjoyed the read

  2. The props of today windturbines are not so simple !
    If they able to take 50% then 4 times more is 200%?
    seems like perpetuum mobile that conflicts with energy conservation lows!

  3. Hi

    Excellent product

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  5. This system is 4 times more efficient but the really issue is can it give you 4 times the power? Dragonfly Wind Turbine can!

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  6. Hi.

    You should read what Albert Betz has to say about windturbines, commonly known as “Betz law”.

    Best regards

  7. I did read “Betz Law” and it does not affect it because of Dragonfly’s unique design. If you want to apply Betz Law then its about to be broken.. just like the sound barrier!

  8. We are working on some projects for Hydro Electric and Energy production from the Waset. we are also interested in Wind Jet Turbine for energy production.

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  9. It seems to me, developers do not use CFD modelling. Otherwise, they could present results of researches, step by step. In the first case - flodesign, the motionless rotor will create increase of the general pressure in front of the turbine and it will entail increase in local disk loading coefficinet which together with reduction of speed before stator, most likely, not to give any effect.
    In the second case - dragonfly, reduction of the area of entrance section because of increase in the central body will proportionally reduce quantity of a passing stream. The increase in quantity of driving wheels at the fan cannot provide a capacity gain, more likely on the contrary.

    While it is similar to the demand for grant reception.

  10. How much would the efficient of this turbine concept increase if the front attachment of the WindCube is used? The front attachment on the WindCube can be seen on their website

  11. It seems to me these are only theoretic and nothing has been built yet.

  12. Betz law is based on the simple principle that if you take too much energy from the wind, the air behind the wind turbine will move too slow, and will block the air entering the wind turbine. This principle is just as valid for a “shrouded” design as for a normal wind turbine.

  13. Nice idea with the vortex mixing. Have you build a prototype and do you have results from real tests?

    For non believers….Betz limit is for an actuator disk - which represents an open flow (non ducted) turbine. It is not directly applicable for a ducted turbine. Search the literature for Jamieson, van Bussel and Lilley and Rainbird and Gilbert Foreman and Oman (Grumman) if you want to know what you are talking about.

    The real issues are storm survivability and cost of electricity. The real question economically is whether it is cheaper to build a bigger turbine or use a duct to get the same annual power output.


  14. They have a good design, but I am working on one to increase the power x4 with a 50% increase of the prop. I also have a design to increase the power by x14 to x16, that I can’t make due to the need of a modified generator, with a 100% increase of prop size. I called Flodesign , but they ignored my voice mail. None of the units out there are beating the Betz limit, not even mine. All of them are just ways of using the wind power more efficiently.

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  17. [...] Jet Wind Turbine - 4 Times More Efficient [...]

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