Making Water From Air


Humans have normally relied on rain, snow or other forms of precipitation for water but it turns out that Max Whisson has found an alternative route. He’s chosen to find a way to make water from thin air.

For eight years, the retired Australian physican and inventor has worked to create a device known as the Max Water which can easily extract water from air - by cooling that air down. Think of the water that condenses on a cold water bottle or drips from an air conditioner. It’s the same concept but on a larger scale.

The device works by cooling air quickly without using outside energy through a set of turbines. Wind blows through the turbines which then power a series of refrigerated plates. As the air passes over the plates, water condenses onto them and is shed quickly by forcing it to bead and roll into a water collection tank.

As an energy source, the prototypes use solar panels that use only a small amount of energy to run the compressor and keep the plates cool.

Water collection can range depending on the temperature of the air, since hot air holds more moisture than cold and windier weather can generates more water than calm/still air.

For people in the developing world or drought-ridden areas this device could deliver lots of relief. The U.N. estimates that 1.1 billion people currently lack access to safe drinking water which is expected to rise.

A final prototype should be available within 6 months and Whisson’s company, Water UN Limited, plans to donate a percentage of the units to areas in need of water. Per Whisson, a single unit will provide enough water for 3-4 households, even in the driest of climates.

*Water UN Limited

10 Responses to “Making Water From Air”

  1. Something like this would be ideal in a place like Florida, especially when it doesn’t rain enough but is still quite humid.

  2. Or perhaps Africa, where it never rains and there is no plentiful supply of drinking water.

  3. It’s just like the moisture farmers on Tattoine in Star Wars

  4. This is an awesome invention and really could help everywhere. I live in California and we are always in a drought condition because we don’t get enough rain for the population our state supports.

  5. Johnny, it does rain in Africa. I believe there is more rain in Africa then the US. The issue in Africa is corruption of government not rain.

  6. There’s a Singaporean company - Hyflux - that’s producing something like this already for retail!

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