Paperless Is Now Even Greener

Recently, I discovered one of my hard drives was dying and I set out to buy a new one. In my research, I discovered that the brand I preferred, Western Digital, had begun making something called the WD Caviar Green, which they describe as “cool, quiet, and eco-friendly”. I will be honest, the word “quiet” caught my eye first because my computer has sounded like an airplane for months (presumably while my hard drive killed itself), but the “eco-friendly” was a close second.

There are a few ways the WD Caviar Green achieves cool, quiet, eco-friendliness, but one of the main ways it differs from a standard hard drive is that, unlike nearly everything else inside my computer, just because the computer is on doesn’t mean the Green is running. The WDCG only runs at and draws 100% power when its data is being accessed. Otherwise, it goes into an idle (50% power) and then into a sleep mode (13% power).

Since I work and play on the same computer, that’s a big power savings over time, so my biggest concern going into it was whether the data speed would suffer from the power-saving measures. I’ve had it several weeks now, and I have seen no evidence that speeds are affected. I had to do quite a bit of backup from the old dying drive to the new green one and have made lots of other data adjustments across drives since then, but I haven’t noticed any real lags at all. And the drive is truly, blessedly quiet the whole time. No more airplane take-offs.

Note: The WDCG does NOT come with any cables. It requires a Sata data cable and a Sata power cord or adaptor cord.

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