Quiet Wind Turbines For UK Businesses


A UK company called Quiet Revolution has developed a unique model capable of blending into a business center creating not only a great visual display but also work as a renewable energy device.

The vertical axis wind turbines are a good answer to gathering wind near buildings, which can vary in direction. The turbines come in three sizes and can vary in cost floating around the price 60,000 including installation.

Approximately 10,000 kWh per year can be generated from an average wind of 5.9m/s. LEDs are embedded in each of the three S-shaped blades to fire in sequence to paint a video screen that appears to hang in the air as the blades rotate. The image is visible day and night.

Quiet Revolution has also developed a smaller propeller called windlights to appear as illuminated flags/pinwheels to carry a message/image.

Demand for this technology in the UK is becoming ever-increasingly popular as the UK has set a target of using 15% of total electricity from renewable sources by 2015.


Quiet Revolution

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