Solar Panel Stick-ons

In this day and age, our planet is facing a serious shortage of all kind of energies and fuels. The one source of almost unlimited energy is that provided by nature - solar energy. In the past, solar panels, used to harness the sun’s energy, were difficult to install and were sometimes an eyesore. DRI Energy has resolved these shortcomings with the development of Lumeta’s Power-Ply 380 solar panel stickers. With these stickers there’s no need for cumbersome roof racks, brackets or other mounting hardware. There are 2 drawbacks. First since the panels are stuck directly to the roof, they are not positioned at the optimal angle to the sun. The second drawback is that ironically they are susceptible to heat damage form the sun’s radiation. These are minor drawbacks considering the advantages. There are no construction costs and they are quick and easy to install. The solar panels are put in place and simply plugged in. Currently the solar stickers are not available for home installations. However, Lumenta does offer a panel system to “integrate with the much-in-use-terra-cotta tiles.”


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