Solar Street Concept

solar bus stop

Wouldn’t it be neat if just about everything was powered by green technology? Well, designers at Nikola Knezevic thinks so, that’s why they’ve designed a energy saving street concept to cover most public services.

Built with MoSESS (Movement sensors energy saving system), all solar powered services can illuminate even during the night hours. Public telephones, bus stops, booth and ATMs would all be powered via solar panels constructed on the roofs (approximately 7.3 square meters of solar cells). So that power continued at all hours, all of the nearby solar panels would be interconnected by an underground connection and an electric grid to enable sharing of leftover energy, if needed. Thus…leaving the possibility of being independent energy provider and foregoing the energy company network. Imagine that.

solar park lamps

solar phonebooth and ATM

solar street counter and newsstand

solar street lamp


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  1. The more uses we put the Sun to before it soaks into the ground the better. We cannot exhaust it. It is a gift to all of us!

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