Turn Car Emissions Into Fuel

Origo Industries has developed a new carbon recycling technology. The recycling system captures the carbon emissions from cars and then turns the emissions into fuel that can be used in your home or to re-power your car. Specifically, the carbon dioxide that is produced by running the car is captured and stored and then recycled using a home unit. The home unit uses algae to produce a bio-oil. According to Origo, the system is capable of producing up to 660 gallons of fuel per year. The technology is being unveiled for the first time on June 12th at the Green-Car-Guide Live in the UK.

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  1. If I burned coal to heat my house, could I use the CO2 to feed algae, make bio-diesel, and fuel my car? Why can’t some company do this for me, and just sell me the products, Heat, piped to my house from a central plant as steam, and bio-diesel I can buy at that plant when I fill my car there!

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