World’s Largest Underwater Turbine Installed Off Ireland

seagen marine generator

The concepts created to harvest the ocean as an energy source has rapidly taken off, and not only that, many of those ideas have started to begun implementation. Last week, the first major underwater turbine was installed in Northern Ireland, Strangford Narrows…a body of water known for fierce currents. Built by Marine Current Turbines, the contraption called the SeaGen works via twin blades measuring 52 feet wide placed underwater to generate power for about 1,000 homes.

When reading this, my first thought was “oh no”…what about the marine life? If you are wondering the same thing…Marine Current Turbines claims that the turbines move slowily enough to allow fish and other sea creatures to get out of the way if they plan to swim through. The blades are designed for bi-directional flow, so they’ll turn regardless of which way the tide is rushing and will spin 10 to 20 times per minute. Still seems a bit fast for me….

As part of another project, the company is also hoping to install a farm of underwater turbines off Wales which could produce power for thousands of homes.


3 Responses to “World’s Largest Underwater Turbine Installed Off Ireland”

  1. You know, i still believe, it is too fast and a lot of fish and other sea creatures can die (((. Although, the idea is brilliant!

  2. Well,
    if the worlds ecosystem collapses due too global warming thoose sea creatures will surely die anyhow. As they allready are, look in on corals and sea acidification caused by to high CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

    The whole killing wildlife cartload of BS was created in the UK in the mid 80s to discredit windpower. Sure they kill a few birds but communicationstowers kill on the magnitude of 100.000 times more birds. Rediculus argument.

  3. I believe it is great idea but will it be efficient enough for power compared to how much it costs to build it.
    Also if some disaster happens what happens to the marine life in the area? Will they die or live from the pollutants in the water?

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