BMW’s Hydrogen Car Cleans The Air

bmw hydrogen

At the 2008 SAE World Congress in Detroit, BMW showed off a hydrogen-powered 7-series sedan that emits less carbon monoxide than found in the air around it. What does this mean? It means the engine breaks down or converts more carbon monoxide than it takes in. Tested by Argonne Laboratories, emissions results show a similar reduction in non-methane organic gases. The emissions turn out to be so low that standard automobile emissions testing wouldn’t have detected them.

bmw hydrogen

The demo BMW vehicle uses a 6-liter combustion engine that uses hydrogen as fuel, burning it in cylinders and delivers are performance similar with standard gas-powered 7-series, says BMW. The car manufacturer has been handing its Hydrogen 7 sedan, a car with dual-fuel hydrogen and as system, to celebrities and decision influencers, such as J.D. Power III. BMW doesn’t consider the vehicle to a prototype and unfortunately won’t be building more on the same scale as the Hydrogen 7.

(Photo Credit: BMW)

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  1. I would rather have an MZD.

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